Here is what technicians are saying:
To me the Landscape Industry Certified Technician program equals knowledge and professionalism. Individuals who have this certification are willing to demonstrate their knowledge and professionalism on a daily basis to their clients and co-workers. If a company hires a Landscape Industry Certified Technician, they know they are getting a trained individual. Many people view our industry as a guy with a pick-up truck and shovel. This certification demonstrates professionalism and instills confidence in our clients.

Stephanie Gray
Landscape Industry Certified Technician
Operations Manager
The Brickman Group, Ltd. – Cleveland, Ohio
The Landscape Industry Certified Technician program is the Holy Grail of achievements in the Green Industry. Without a doubt, it defines whether you can 'walk the talk.' Having earned my CLT, I feel that I am part of an elite group of professionals. Promotions, wage increases, and bonuses are secondary to the sense of success, pride and satisfaction that you will feel when you add three letters to the end of your name…CLT.

Christopher J. White
Landscape Industry Certified Manager
Landscape Industry Certified Technician
Director of Operations
Turfscape, Inc. – Twinsburg, Ohio
While pursing my horticulture degree at Ohio State I was once dumbfounded and appalled at a fellow student in her disbelief that there was even such a major as Landscape Horticulture. I believe that the green industry sometimes gets a bad reputation as glorified weekend warriors just trying to earn a little side money. The certification process changes that, alongside any level of secondary education, individuals can take pride in being career professionals in an industry that takes knowledge and skilled tradesmen to perform its services. Certification is the stamp of approval that validates this professionalism.

Devon Stanley
Landscape Industry Certified Technician
Ohio Certified Nursery Technician
Maintenance Division Manager
Benchmark Landscape Construction Inc. – Plain City, Ohio
The Landscape Industry Certified Technician Program is an accreditation recognized by all true landscape industry professionals as a commitment in which dedicated hard work and knowledge are gained to achieve a higher level of professional status. Individuals and employers alike, earn the acknowledgement of respect from fellow peers and develop a sense of self pride for this prestigious honor. With proper public awareness techniques, industry clients will recognize the importance of hiring firms which possess such highly trained and talented individuals. This program truly creates career minded individuals who have a passion for the landscape industry.

Ed Young
Landscape Industry Certified Technician
Yard Barbers, Inc. – Bexley, Ohio
Here is what employers are saying:
I see an increased drive among our employees to become Landscape Industry Certified Technicians once they get started on the test. There is a great deal of personal accomplishment that comes with achieving certification at this level. In addition to the personal satisfaction, Rice's rewards employees who achieve Landscape Industry Certified status through job growth, enhanced wages and greater levels of responsibility. The Landscape Industry Certified Technician program affords a higher level of accountability and has raised the benchmark for excellence in Ohio's landscape industry.

Kevin J. Rice
Landscape Industry Certified Manager
Registered Landscape Architect
Vice President
Rice's Nursery and Landscaping, Inc. – North Canton, Ohio
We employ Landscape Industry Technicians and Managers and currently have more 'in pursuit.' While it is a benefit to include in your company's marketing, the best part of it for us is that it promotes continuing education, ties into our training and our requirement that our supervisors be certified at some level. It has become part of our culture!

John Wheeler
Landscape Industry Certified Manager
Landscape Industry Certified Technician
Certified Snow Professional
Wheeler Landscaping, Inc. – Chagrin Falls, Ohio